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Welcome to Venture Crew 3552's Web Site!


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A couple of sites for you to check out, keep current on Venturing.

Crew 3552 Venture Insignia Placement


This was our 5th year of providing a free Cub Scout event. Troops 86, 599 and 39 provided Boy Scouts to assist our Crew in running CUBOREE. Thank You very much.

We also want to Thank

HEMME Hay & Feed

for providing the hay for the archery range

Remember, if your Bear or WEBELOS Den needs to earn their Whittling Chip, We can help.

Please email the Advisor and he will inform the Crew President, who will help you set up the training. email; george.curtin@crew3552.org.

Photo Album


Crew Calendar:

MountainsLook at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my vacations, sporting events, and my family.

Venture Training Videos
Intro to Venturing
Crew Officers Fast-Start

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